Donald Kwon is the Co-Founder and CEO of F&D Partners which is located in the heart of the Big Apple.

“If you want to be a part of the 1%, you’ve got to be willing to do what the 99% won’t.”  This has been his attitude ever since his senior year of high school when his mother told him to live life to its fullest.

Donald has worked in the energy sector ever since he graduated with a Master’s degree in Management at Columbia University in May of 2005.

His passion is helping customers with their energy concerns, needs, and wants.  This is why F&D Partners has a 98% retention rate.

Donald loves making new professional acquaintances so reach out if you want to talk sports, food, a large ice cream, music, business or of course, energy.

You can reach him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (212) 843-1870, (917) 880-3680 or Donald.Kwon@FandDPartners.com

Fatmir Gjinaj is the President and Co-Founder of F&D Partners, the most amazing company in the world.
He is mainly in charge of the real estate clients: property management companies, property owners, REIT, Developers, Hedge Funds, Hotel Operators etc. His attention to detail and pricing strategies have saved clients millions of dollars on energy costs.
Before co-founding F&D Partners, Fatmir was for 4 years the CEO and co-founder of a multinational company distributing soft drinks in Europe and Dubai.
Fatmir holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Queen Mary, University of London.
Favorite quote: “A winner is just a loser who tried one more time”
If you would like to talk about Entrepreneurship or Soccer, play a game of Chess, Pool or Ping Pong and especially how he can help your business save tremendous amount of money on energy then Fatmir can be reached at (212) 843 – 1869 or (917) 754-3588 or email at fatmir.gjinaj@fanddpartners.com