Donald Kwon is the Co-Founder and CEO of F&D Partners which is located in the heart of the Big Apple.

“If you want to be a part of the 1%, you’ve got to be willing to do what the 99% won’t.”  This has been his attitude ever since his senior year of high school when his mother told him to live life to its fullest.

Donald has worked in the energy sector ever since he graduated with a Master’s degree in Management at Columbia University in May of 2005.His passion is helping customers with their energy concerns, needs, and wants.  This is why F&D Partners has a 98% retention rate.Donald loves making new professional acquaintances so reach out if you want to talk sports, food, a large ice cream, music, business or of course, energy.

You can reach him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at

(212) 843-1870, (917) 880-3680 or

Fatmir Gjinaj is the President and Co-Founder of F&D Partners, the most amazing company in the world.
He is mainly in charge of the real estate clients: property management companies, property owners, REIT, Developers, Hedge Funds, Hotel Operators etc. His attention to detail and pricing strategies have saved clients millions of dollars on energy costs. Before co-founding F&D Partners, Fatmir was for 4 years the CEO and co-founder of a multinational company distributing soft drinks in Europe and Dubai. Fatmir holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Queen Mary, University of London.
Favorite quote: “A winner is just a loser who tried one more time” If you would like to talk about Entrepreneurship or Soccer, play a game of Chess, Pool or Ping Pong and especially how he can help your business save tremendous amount of money on energy then Fatmir can be reached at (212) 843 – 1869 or (917) 754-3588 or email at

Eva Liksenaj is the Chief Financial Officer of F&D Partners.

She is responsible for ensuring effective compliance, accounting and treasury policies are in place while capturing and analyzing financial data to lead

F&D Partners to evaluate the current and future state of the company.

Eva holds a Master’s in Finance and Investment from Queen Mary, University of London and is working towards her CPA.

Eva works as a financial consultant to several companies in NY and

she spends her free time with her family on holidays and exploring nature on the weekends.

If you want to get in touch with Eva to discuss finance or accounting, or her new hobby of party planning,

she can be reached at


Bora Ceci is the Office Manager of F&D Partners.

She oversees coordinating our goals and projects. She monitors and proceeds with data entries, analysis, prepares budgets & reports for our clients based on their needs. She also maintains the office and ensures a safe and secure environment for our staff.

Bora holds a bachelor’s degree of Applied Mathematics from University of Tirana in Albania, and she is continuing studies for Computer Science at Lehman College, New York. Before F&D Partners, she had experience in different fields such as Accounting Payable, HR Administrator etc. After work you will find Bora at the gym, reading books and enjoying weekends visiting new places while being active on social media as well.

You may reach Bora at

Sindarela Rrezhda is an Account Manager for F&D Partners. Her main responsibility is to manage client accounts by understanding their energy needs, analyzing their data and finding the right strategies to reduce their energy costs and resolve their issues with utilities and suppliers. She is graduating in International Business at one of NYC’s finest business schools, Baruch College. Sindarela has interned at Universal Music Group where she participated in many events like artists performing and getting familiar with copyrights. Sindarela’s interests include outdoor activities such as horseback riding, hiking, and exploring the culinary world. If you want to talk about the newest and coolest things in the energy industry, creative dinners, or if anyone has found her glass slipper,  Sindarela can be reached




Local Laws

Local Law 84 (LL84)

LL84 requires owners of New York City residential and commercial buildings, with a minimum of 25,000 square footage, to annually submit energy and water consumption reports to the City. Failure to submit LL84 by May 1st of every year will result in quarterly fines of $500 (for four consecutive quarters until May 1st of next year).

Local Law 87 (LL87)

What is Local Law 87 is one of the greatest regulations under the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan enacted to improve environment quality and reduce energy consumption.
Local Law 87 requires buildings over 50,000 sqft to audit, retro-commission, and submit information to the City once every 10 (ten) years.
Buildings must first undergo audits where managers then need to complete retro-commissioning, which is the process of ensuring that energy equipment has been installed correctly and is performing efficiently. A report should be submitted to the City by Dec 31st. Failure to comply will result in penalties of $3500 for the first year and $5000 for every year thereafter until the report has been submitted.

Local Law 88 (LL88)

LL88 of 2009—and its ensuing expansions with Local Law 132 and 134, the two of 2016—requires common areas in private buildings greater than 25,000 square feet and all areas in non-private buildings more noteworthy than 25,000 square feet to upgrade lighting to meet current New York City Energy Conservation Code standards by 2025. The original law and its ensuing extensions likewise require all non-residential buildings greater than 25,000 square feet to install electrical sub-meters for every huge non-private occupant space more noteworthy than 5,000 square feet and give month to month energy proclamations. The compliance deadline for both the lighting and sub-metering necessities is 2025.

Local Law 97 (LL97)

Back in 2019, NYC took major steps to reduce the gas emissions of buildings by introducing Local Law 97 which is part of Climate Mobilization Act. This law applies to any properties above 25,000 sqft in NYC that files LL84 and has 2 targets of energy emissions for 2024-2029 and 2030-2034 those buildings should meet to avoid large violations (in some cases millions of dollars).

To achieve these targets, property owners and boards need to implement energy efficiency upgrades for several of their systems and if that will not be enough to meet the required levels then they can purchase Renewable Energy Credits, Clean Distributed Energy Resources or Greenhouse Gas Offsets to meet the targets.

In order to know what the greenhouse emissions for your building are, you will need a study that is conducted by F&D Partners that will explain which projects you need to do in order to reduce the emissions and meet the requirements without the need to purchase any credits. We will also help applying for all potential incentives from the city, state, NYSERDA or utilities such as ConEdison and National Grid.
F&D Partners offers some of the most competitive prices and will help you not only audit and file but as well with the process of compliance.


Utilities (ConEd, National Grid, O&R Utilities etc.)

If a business or multifamily buildings is looking to install LED lights, insulating pipes, changing windows, insulating roof or walls, repairing steam traps or do any other project that will improve the efficiency of the building, there are many incentives that Utilities offer that will cover up to 85% of the project. F&D Partners will help you apply for these incentives


The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)
has incentives and technical assistance available to support owners and managers of multifamily buildings depending on your property’s needs or where you’re at in your energy management journey.

NYSERDA partners with solution providers such as F&D Partners who are trained and qualified to deliver the highest-quality energy efficiency services for your property. F&D Partners offers experienced advice and will guide you through each step of identifying and implementing energy-saving upgrades.


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