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Need an electric supplier near you? Switching electric suppliers or finding a natural gas supplier? We are here to help you. F&D Partners is an energy consultant operating in 20+ deregulated states, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Texas, California, and Washington DC. We also serve five Canadian provinces. With our extensive reach, we’ve helped numerous commercial clients to save up to 40% on energy costs, including:

  • Hotels
  • Production Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Daycares

Our clients trust us for reliable energy solutions. With a 100% retention rate among large clients, we’re committed to their satisfaction.


Our Satisfied Clients

Our Clients rely on our Expertise, Honesty and Professionalism.

Renewable Energy Consultants With Expertise In

Electric & Natural Gas Helping over 1,500 clients to make an informed decision by comparing & finding natural & electric gas suppliers. Our electric products vary based on client needs, market volatility, and predictions.
Sustainability Helping you run large buildings on sustainable sources of energy. We measure, track, and report the energy and gas consumption of buildings with a simple app, very easy and efficient to use.
Bill Auditing Save big money on bills with our expert auditing service. We analyze energy and gas usage, offer solutions, and ensure compliance with laws and contracts. Guided support throughout the process.

How Doesit work?

Every Energy bill has two portions: Supply and Delivery.


For the Delivery portion, you will always have your local utility (for example ConEdison).


For the Supply portion, you can choose a different supplier (ESCO) from your current utility (for example ConEdison).


Years of Experience We as a leading renewable energy consultant boast a wealth of experience in the energy efficiency industry, enabling us to deliver effective and reliable solutions tailored to our market needs.
Innovative Consultants Meet forward-thinking energy conservation consultants and discover the latest advancements made in cutting-edge energy solutions to power buildings.
Maximize Savings We consistently achieve an impressive 40% reduction rate in energy consumption for clients, showcasing their expertise and ability to optimize energy usage while reducing costs.
100% Retention Rate F&D Partners retains all clients, demonstrating their commitment to delivering exceptional service and building long-term partnerships based on trust and satisfaction.

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What is included in energy consulting services?

Usually, it includes a comprehensive range of offerings aimed at helping commercial businesses or organizations optimize their energy usage, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and achieve sustainability goals. This may include:  

  • Energy audits to identify inefficiencies.
  • Customized recommendations for energy efficiency.
  • Integration of renewable energy solutions.
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Assistance in demand response programs.
  • Energy procurement and contract negotiations.
  • Carbon footprint analysis and reduction strategies.
  • Implementation of energy management systems.
  • Long-term sustainability planning.
  • Training and education for informed decision-making.
  • Project management for energy-saving initiatives.
  • Financial analysis of energy projects.

Dial  (917) 754-3588 for more information.

Can you help my business save costs?

Yes. We as your energy consultant and engineering firms deliver the highest-quality energy efficiency services for your property. We analyze your energy usage patterns, identify inefficiencies, and recommend energy-saving measures. By implementing these recommendations, your business can reduce operational costs and improve overall sustainability.

What are your NYSERDA flextech consultant services?

As NYSERDA partnered flextech consultants, we help companies make informed clean energy management and investment decisions. We provide clean energy and energy efficiency services and conduct general feasibility studies. 

How do you assist in adopting renewable energy solutions?

F&D Partners provide renewable energy consultant service. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in guiding through each step of identifying and implementing energy-saving upgrades.

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