F&D Partners stands at the forefront of empowering businesses Email
to navigate the intricacies of Canada’s energy market and
secure optimal supply prices. With a rich history, Canada has
become a key player in the global energy landscape, boasting
abundant reserves across 11 provinces and territories.
Understanding the dynamics of an energy bill is crucial for
businesses seeking cost-effective solutions.

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F&D Partners can help you navigate the natural gas market in Canada.

Natural gas has played a role in Canada’s energy blend since its initial discovery in New Brunswick way back in 1859. Canada’s abundant natural gas reserves are spread across 11 of our nation’s provinces and territories.

An energy bill consists of two primary elements: Supply charges and Delivery charges. Enbridge holds a monopoly on the delivery charges, but when it comes to the supply portion, it’s a deregulated market. F&D Partners can help your building secure the most competitive supply prices available in this deregulated market. F&D Partners has been offering two products:

All-in Fixed Rate:

With this option, every pricing component remains constant. The rate does not fluctuate with market changes. This strategy is advised during periods of low market rates when we anticipate future increases, as is the current situation.

AECO + Fixed Adder:

In this strategy, all pricing elements are fixed except for the wholesale natural gas price (AECO). This approach is recommended when rates are high, and a potential decrease is to happen, as was the case in 2022.

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