Bill Auditing

Bill Auditing

What is Bill Auditing?

Bill Auditing is the process of examining and verifying the accuracy and completeness of various bills and invoices. The process involves comparing the invoices to the negotiated rates, identifying any inaccuracies, and confirming that the charges are valid and acceptable.

Why us?

F&D Partners will assist you through the entire process of auditing your bills by conducting an analysis of your energy and water consumption in order to locate all of your issues, provide solutions, save you money, and most importantly, ensure that the bills adhere to all applicable laws and energy contracts.

In Addition:

It is recorded by the vendor meter and can be seen live in 15-minute increments. Interval Data is able to answer building-level questions such as:

  • F&D Partners will beat any competitor’s price by 10%.
  • We operate under a "No Win, No Fee" compensation where you will only be charged a percentage of the refunds we will get for your overcharges. If you are not getting any refunds, then you will not be charged.
  • F&D Partners only charges a percentage on the current overcharges, not on future potential overcharges.