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At F&D Partners, we specialize in guiding businesses through the intricate world of energy benchmarking compliance. Far beyond a mere regulatory obligation, energy benchmarking represents a strategic gateway to optimizing your building’s performance and unlocking substantial cost efficiencies. Drawing upon over a decade of proficiency in energy standards and compliance, F&D Partners ensures a seamless journey from assessment to execution.


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Retro-comissioning (RCx) is a systematic approach to enhance the performance of building systems without replacing major equipment. This process involves optimizing functions through various methods like adjusting control systems, improving maintenance practices, recalibrating devices, and executing necessary repairs. It aims to ensure existing systems perform effectively and harmoniously. Commercial buildings and facilities benefit from retro-commissioning as it upholds system and equipment integrity to achieve energy efficiency and operational objectives, making it a viable option even for budget-conscious companies. Energy savings from RCx can vary between 5% and 20%.

Key advantages of retro-commissioning include:

  1. Cost Efficiency: It can significantly lower operating costs depending on factors such as the building’s location, type, and the extent of the process implemented.
  2. System Optimization: This process is supported by monitoring-based software that assesses system efficiency and generates detailed reports for further energy optimization through equipment fine-tuning.
  3. Equipment Renewal: Retro-commissioning can restore older or malfunctioning systems and equipment to good working condition, potentially extending their operational lifespan.
  4. Improved Comfort: By optimizing building operations, retro-commissioning enhances occupant comfort and reduces complaints from building users.


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