Local Law 84

Local Law 84

About Local Law 84

Local Law 84, one of four regulations created by the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan (GGBP), requires owners of large residential and commercial buildings in the five boroughs to submit annual energy and water consumption reports to the City. Nearly one million buildings make up the majority of the city’s energy and water demand in New York City, covering an area of nearly 300 square miles. Because of this, the state is aiming for a 30% reduction in citywide greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 using this Local Law 84!

What buildings does LL84 affect? What are the consequences in case of failure to comply?

Local Law 84 impacts all buildings with over 25,000 square footage, or two or more buildings belonging to one single lot, larger than 100,000 square feet. All reports need to be submitted by May 1st, otherwise the buildings will be facing a $500 fine for every missed quarter after the first deadline. The next quarterly deadlines for compliance consist of August 1st, November 1st, and February 1st.

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