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Local Law 84

What does Energy Benchmarking mean?

It represents the process of measuring, tracking, and reporting the energy and water consumption of buildings using a benchmarking tool.

What Benefits Does Energy Benchmarking Create?

It provides a clearer picture of how energy efficient your building is in comparison to others in the same occupancy group.

Where can i get the data usage required to submit the annual report?

Owners must obtain this information directly from tenants or request aggregated data from utilities.

What are the next deadlines if i miss May 1st?

If you miss the May 1 deadline, the next quarterly deadlines for compliance are August 1, November 1, and February 1. For every deadline missed there is a penalty of $500.

Does it impact me?

Local Law 84 affects you if you possess a building greater than 25,000 square feet or two or more buildings belonging to one single lot or governed by the same board of managers that together exceed 100,000 gross.

Local Law 87

What is an energy audit?

An Energy Audit is a survey of a building’s energy equipment, systems, envelope, and operations. It finds opportunities for improving energy efficiency and makes recommendations for energy-saving methods.

What does retro-commissioning do?

Retro-commissioning is concerned with repairing existing systems or equipment.

Is it possible to file for an extension?

An extension request costs $155 and must be filed by October 1st of the year when the report is due.

How long is the process of completing energy audit and retro-commissioning?

The study takes much longer than a couple of weeks to finish completely. We propose a 6-month safe period.

Is a building that is less than ten years old exempt from both the energy audit and the retro-commissioning?

Owners of new buildings (NBs) with a First Temporary Certificate of Occupancy that is less than ten years old when the building is due to comply with Local Law 87/09 are exempt from submitting an EER or a Request for Deferral.

Local Law 95

How are the NYC energy grades determined?

City grades are determined by a building’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager score, a result of the annual energy benchmarking that is required under Local Law 84 and 133 (LL84/133).

How long does the grade need to be posted for?

Grades must be posted all year. Every year, grades are updated based on your LL84/133 energy benchmarking data. Annually, you must repeat this process in October, when you will access your building’s energy grade via the DOB NOW site on October 1 and must upload the new grade by October 31.

Can i improve my building’s letter grade?

Sometimes boosting your grade may be as simple as double-checking your LL84 data. Is your measurement correct? How many bedrooms and units are there? If such data is incorrect, your ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager score, and consequently your NYC building energy grade, may suffer.
In general, you should consult your most recent Local Law 87 energy audit to see whether there are any building changes that could make a big difference. This audit will also assist you in planning how you can reduce your carbon emissions, which will effect your road to compliance with Local Law 97.

What if my property is not eligible for an ENERGY STAR score?

Properties that are not qualified for an ENERGY STAR score will receive a “N.” The posting requirement does not apply to “N” grade buildings (those excluded from benchmarking or not included by the Energy Star program).

Local Law 97

How can i comply with LL97?

There are different ways to comply. To achieve a building’s carbon limit, owners can directly reduce carbon by increasing energy efficiency and switching to lower-carbon fuels. To help fulfill the law’s targets, they can also use credits from approved renewable energy generation (RECs) or greenhouse gas reduction programs (GHG offsets), or construct solar or battery storage on-site.

Is submitting a report important?

For each month that the violation is not corrected within the 12 months following the reporting deadline, the owner of a covered building who is found in violation for failing to file a report is subject to a fine of up to the gross floor area of that covered building multiplied by $0.50.

How do I calculate the estimated LL97/19 annual carbon emissions limit penalty?

Contact F&D Partners at (917) 754 – 3588 or send an email to and we can do that for you!

How much will the study cost me?

Residential buildings only pays 25% of the study cost and commercial buildings pay 50% of the study cost while NYSERDA covers the rest of the cost.

How much will the study cost me?

Residential buildings only pays 25% of the study cost and commercial buildings pay 50% of the study cost while NYSERDA covers the rest of the cost.

Why is LL87 important for LL97?

Local legislation 87 serves as a road map for future LL 97 compliance. Low-cost carbon solutions will undoubtedly be addressed with the proper retro-commissioning techniques applied following an energy audit.

What makes F&D Partners different from other consultants?

1. NYSERDA usually wants to see energy efficiency recommendations that
will reduce 25-30% of the emissions but in many cases buildings need to
cut more than that, so, we would recommend projects to lower their
emissions by over 65% at no extra cost . Other consultants would not do
double the work at the same price and in their case they ask for $200/hr –
– 2. Most of their reports are not thorough (8-20 pages) while our reports are
extremely detailed (usually 60-120 pages), including sensitivity analysis,
and several strategies on how to comply. Also their reports are run by
Certified Energy Managers (who do not fully understand the buildings)
while ours are run by Licensed Mechanical Engineers with decades of
– 3. We will have meetings/Zoom with all stakeholders at no extra charge,
while many other engineering firms charge as much as $200-$300/hr,
because we want these buildings to comply by lowering their emissions,
and become more energy efficient while avoiding up to millions of dollars
in penalties.
– 4. We are one of the leading LL97 consultants running engineering studies
in over 6 million sqft.

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